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by Sayalay Susila

Satipatthana (Four Foundations of Mindfulness)

Sayala Susila_ (A 1/4)Satipatthana.wmv Which is the way out of worldly sufferings? How to practice to be free? Satipatthana Meditation "The 4 Foundations of Mindfulness & Wisdom" is the only way to be liberated. 1) Contemplation of Body 2) Contemplation of Feeling, 3) Contemplation of Mind 4) Contemplation of Dhamma

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-30


Sayalay Susila_(A 2/4 )Satipatthana How to practice Contemplation of Body? Sayalay Susila shared the 14 ways to contemplate on the Body under the Satipatthana Sutta

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-31


Sayalay Susila_ (A 3/4) Satipatthana.wmv Should the object of breath be clear in Anapanasati? In Anapanasati Meditation, the subtle the breath the better is the progress. What to note during walking meditation ? Should advance meditators ...

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-31


Sayalay Susila_( A 4/4) Satipatthana.wmv How do we practice walking meditation, what should we note? Do we walk slowly..? What are the 4 elements? Sayalay Susila shared a number of ways and the things to note during the walking, sitting, ...

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-31


Sayalay Susila_ (B 1 / 4) Satipatthana.wmv Who knows the breath ? What is the first insight knowledge? What is the 2nd insight knowledge? Sayalay Susila guides meditators through the first and second insight.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-04-04


Sayalay Susila_(B2/4) Satipatthana.wmv What are the hindrances that obstruct us from our meditation? How to deal with the hindrances. Sayalay Susila showed us a few ways how to deal and overcome the hindrances

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-04-04


Sayalay Susila_B 3/4 Satipatthana.wmv What are $ elements? What are the characteristics of 4 elements. How do we discern 4 elements. Sayalay Susila shared How to discern 4 elements meditation in our daily life.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-04-19


Sayalay Susila_B 4/4 Satipatthana.wmv How to apply 4 elements on walking meditation, eating, standing ? Sayalay Susila gave a very clear explanation on 4 elements meditation in our daily activities

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-04-19



Sayalay Susila _(C1/3) Satipatthana.wmv What meditation do we practice in eating. ? How to apply 4 elements meditation in eating? Sayalay Susila shared a very clear method practicing 4 elements meditation when eating

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-05-10

Sayalay Susila _(C2/3)Satipatthana .wmv What is pain and why it arises? What to contemplate and How to contemplate when pain arises. Sayalay Susila shared with us how to overcome pain in meditation.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-05-10


Sayalay Susila _(C3/3) Satipatthana .wmv Sayalay Susila shared and guide us through an easy and practical method how to to contemplate the body, feeling and the mind.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-05-11

Anapanasati (Mindfulness of Breathing)

Sayalay Susila_(1/6) anapanasati.wmv What is anapanasati ? How to practice anapanasati meditation. Breathing Meditation Sayalay Susila shared the different levels of anapanasati meditation from a beginner level to the Jhana level.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-13

Sayalay Susila_(2/6) anapanasati.wmv How to meditate on Anapanasati. How do i know that i have improve? After stage one, what must i do to proceed to next stage?

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-16


Sayalay Susila_(3/6) anapanasati.wmv What to do if my mind is restless or dull during meditation Apply the 7 factors of enlightenment to problems faced in Anapanasate Sayalay Susila brings you through the 2nd stage of Anapanasati

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-17


Sayalay Susila_(4/6) anapanasati part 4.wmv 3rd. stage of anapanasati breathing a whole breath: beginning, middle and end of breath. Subtle breath produce better concentration. What is nimita ? ....

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-01


Sayalay Susila_(5/6) anapanasati part 5.wmv What is the sign of concentration. What is Nimita, What is the difference between light and nimita. What are the different types of nimita. 4th stage of anapanasati - calming bodily formation - cal...

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-02


Sayalay Susila_(6/6) anapanasati part 6.wmv What are the 5 jhana factors? How do we know we are in the jhana? What is the mind mirror? What is the difference between lights & nimita? Why do nimita disappear? What caused nimita to occur?

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-03-02


Dvattimsakaro (Contemplation of 32 Parts of the Body)

Sayalay Susila_contemplation of body parts.wmv How to meditate on 32 parts of body. w to meditate on 32 parts of body. Why meditate on the body parts? The purpose of meditating on 32 parts of body. How to get disenchanted with body parts, especially opposite sex.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-12

Cittanupassana (Contemplation of the Mind)

Sayalay Susila_(1/3) contemplation of the Mind.wmv How can i practice meditation in my daily life. What is the meditation i can apply? How do i overcome my anger, anxiety worries..... Sayalay Susila guide us in the "Contemplation of the Mind" meditation in 3 parts.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-24


Sayalay Susila_(2/3) contemplation of Mind.wmv How do i contemplate on my mind? Feeling stressful, how can i solve my anxieties and worries. How to practice this meditation of contemplating the mind? Sayalay Susila gives a clear explanation on "Contemplation of the Mind" meditation, how it can help us in our daily life.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-24


Sayalay Susila_(3/3) contemplation of the Mind.wmv How to meditate watching the mind with the mind. "Contemplation of the Mind " meditation. Which is the object to focus on ? Watching without reacting. Don't chase the object, let the object comes to you.

by sayalaysusila | Uploaded 2012-02-24


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