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Über geekage
– "A Parting Note to ATI Techies"
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ATI Tipitaka Filename Recommendation
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Maximal geekage
Graph of sutta hyperlinks. An ATI reader collected all the "See also" links between suttas on the website and used the Flare Prefuse libraries to map the suttas as nodes and the links as edges of a graph. He writes:
Well... 470 nodes and 561 edges, a bit chaotic (and CPU hungry). If you resize your browser above 2000x2000 pixels, you can start to make out the edges... Looks good, but not good for much :) maybe someday I'll have some more useful idea with it.

Is this the seed of something useful? Would a graphical interface like this be a helpful tool for exploring this densely hyperlinked website? Please feel free to experiment! And let me know what you discover.

– Files that are otherwise unlinked, but which need links here, so that they're not orphaned whenever wget updates the static site: 404.html, apple-touch-icon.png.