Buddha Vacana

— The words of the Buddha —

Offline version - August 2012

It may be, Ananda, that to some among you the thought will come: 'Ended is the word of the Master; we have a Master no longer.' But it should not, Ananda, be so considered. For that which I have proclaimed and made known as the Dhamma and the Discipline, that shall be your Master when I am gone.

— Mahāparinibbāna Sutta —

Upādānīyesu bhikkhave, dhammesu assādānupassino viharato taṇhā pavaḍḍhati (...) Upādānīyesu bhikkhave, dhammesu ādīnavānupassino viharato taṇhā nirujjhati.

In one who keeps focusing on the allure of clingable phenomena, craving develops (...) In one who keeps focusing on the drawbacks of clingable phenomena, craving ceases.

SN 12.52