Stilling of Mental Construction
is Nbbana


Stilling of Mental Construction is Nibbâna!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Here, Ananda, the Bhikkhu considers it all like this:
This is the supreme peace, this is sublime calm: The stilling of all formations,
the silencing of all mental construction, the relinquishing of all substrata
fuelling existence, the fading away of all craving, detachment, release,
ceasing, Nibbāna...
In this way, Ananda, the Bhikkhu may enter a mental absorption in which
there is no notion of 'I' and 'mine', no attacks of conceiving any internal
consciousness or any external objects and wherein he is both mentally
released and fully liberated through understanding this all...
In this silenced and wholly stilled state there is no inclination to "I" and
"mine-making", and no more attacks of conceit by latent tendencies to
identification, egotism, and narcissism!
Anguttara Nikāya AN 3:32

Knowing both what the inner is and the outer is,
one is neither stirred, nor troubled any more!
When thus stilled and imperturbable, there is
neither any attraction, nor any repulsion...
One has crossed and escaped ageing and death!!!
Sutta Nipāta 1048

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Stilled is Nibbana ...

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