The Ultimate Peace!


The 10 Contemplations is Daily Buddhist Routine!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus & friends: There is one contemplation, which when often practiced
and developed leads to the complete turning away from the world, leads to
detachment, to stilling, to ceasing, to Peace, to final penetrating knowledge,
to Enlightenment, and thus indeed to Nibbāna...
Any Noble Disciple who by progress has understood the Dhamma dwells
frequently in this state. Which is that one contemplation?
It is reflecting regarding the qualities of ultimate Peace like this:
This is peaceful, this is sublime, namely, the stilling of all kammic construction,
the leaving all behind of all substrata of any being, the complete vanishing of
all sorts of craving, ceasing, release, Nibbāna...
Whatever, Bhikkhus & friends, there is of both conditioned and unconditioned
things, dependent & independent constructions, releasing detachment is always
considered the highest of them, that is, the final destruction of ego-belief,
the overcoming of all desire & thirst, the rooting out of clinging, the breaking
out of this long round of rebirths, the vanishing of craving by absolute release!
This -only this- is Nibbāna...

The Buddha emphasized:
is the Highest Happiness!
Source: AN 1:16.10 + 10:60 + 4.34

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The Ultimate Peace!

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