What is Mara?


What is Mara: A Transient, Painful, and Selfless State?

At Savatthi. While seated, the Venerable Radha asked the Blessed One:

Venerable Sir, one says: Māra, Māra!! What is this Māra; the Evil One?

Radha, form, feeling, perception, mental construction, and consciousness
is Māra, is a state of Māra, is impermanent, is of an impermanent nature,
is suffering, is of a painful nature, is no-self, is of an impersonal nature,
is in a state of destruction, is in a state of vanishing, is an unstable state,
is always in a state of momentary ceasing, vanishing right there and then...

Radha, you should therefore leave behind desire, should leave behind lust,
you should leave behind all desire and lust for whatever is a state of Māra,
for whatever is impermanent, for whatever is only impermanent appearance,
for whatever is suffering, for whatever is of a painful nature, for whatever
is no-self, for whatever is of a ownerless nature, for whatever is a state of
destruction, for whatever is a state of vanishing, for whatever is in a state
of arising, for whatever that is a state of cessation... And what, Radha, is a
state of cessation? Form is a state of cessation. Feeling, Perception, Mental
Constructions, and this Consciousness is also a state of continuous ceasing...

Understanding this, Radha, the well instructed Noble Disciple experiences
disgust towards form, disgust towards feeling, disgust towards perception,
disgust towards mental construction, & disgust towards consciousness itself!
Experiencing disgust, he becomes disillusioned! Through disillusion his mind
is released. When it is released, he instantly knows: This mind is liberated,
and he understands: Extinguished is birth, this Noble Life is all completed,
done is what should be done, there is no state of being beyond this one...

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Māra attacks the Buddha in a failed attempt to frighten him.

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He is also called Namuci: Never letting any Escape his hypnotic hedonist powers!
Any Deva can choose own body form. His favourite manifestations are as above..

The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 23:24-34 III 199

What is Evil?

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