Without Desires, Cravings or Doubts!

The Arahants just looks upon all in equanimity as if from above...


The venerable Todeyya once asked the Blessed Buddha:
"One who has cooled all sense desire, cut all craving, and overcome all doubts, 
is there any higher release for him?"
"In whom no sensual pleasures dwell, Todeyya, for whom no craving exists, who has
crossed over all doubts, for such one is there no other higher release..."
Todeyya then further asked:
"Is he without longings, or is he hoping? Does he possess final understanding, or is
he still seeking understanding? Please explain this to me, Sakyan with universal vision,
so that I may recognize a true sage."
"He is without longings, he is not hoping for anything. He does indeed possess complete
understanding. He is not searching for anything. In this very way, Todeyya, recognize
the sage: He possesses nothing, he is neither attached to any kind of sense pleasure,
nor to any form of existence. He is all silenced..."
Sutta-Nipāta 1088-91 Edited excerpt.

While dwelling on these answers the venerable Todeyya too became an Arahant!

He is all silenced...

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Without Doubt..

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