Food for Thought
- Dharma Family or
Dysfunctional Family

Dharma family:

almost 90% of people come from a dysfunctional family.
you can't change a family.
but you can get away from the dysfunctional family.

Buddha got away from His own family
in which He knew.
(If not,) He would never became Buddha.

Buddhism gives you a chance to create your own
healthy functional Dharma family,
called a sangha in Buddhism.

in so creating a sangha family
you surround yourself with wise people
and not the fools*
like you can see in some families.

fools don't change.
the members in a sangha family
are ready to change for the better.

in a sangha family
it is worth while to call someone an elder or a teacher
who is indeed more wise than you,
who has more virtue,
more restraint in behaviour,
more generous, more compassionate,
more peaceful.

you can help the 'younger' sangha members with compassion
and the wisdom you have.

all on board the sangha ship
will eventually one day
sail into the harbor of Nirvana.

it may make a short stop at Pure Land.
some may get off,
some may remain on the ship.
that's just fine.

be prepared.
be proactive.
create your own sangha family.

Buddhism is not just talk.

it's the real walk
that counts.

or mi to fo,


fools* - beings not in the know of and the way to true peace


Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BuddhistWellnessGroup

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