Dhamma Drops -1- -2- -3- -4- -5-


3 Ways to the Same Awakening


Happy is the One who Knows!

3 Types of Persons


Higher Deliverance!

4 Brahmaviharas


How is Release by Friendliness Achieved?

- All-Embracing Endless Pity (Karun„)!


How to be a Good Lay Buddhist ?

- Pure Mutual Joy (Mudit„)!


How to cure the agitated & worried, Restlessness & Regret!

- Universal Friendliness (Mett)!


How to cure Anger, Aversion Irritation, Opposition and Stubbornness !

- Imperturbable Equanimity (Upekkh) !


How to cure the dull, slow sluggish, heavy, Lethargy and Laziness !

4 But 1 - 4 Truths at One Moment


How to deal with lying and cheating?

4 Foundations of Mindfulness


Indispensable Necessity for Awakening!

4 Noble Truths


Kammic effects can be modified

- 1st Noble Truth


King Sakka's Question

- 2nd Noble Truth


Latent Tendencies (Asusayas)

- 3rd Noble Truth


Luminous is Mind

- 4th Noble Truth


Mind-Based Learning

4 Tools for Stream Entrance


Mindfulness with Breathing

4 Types of Clinging


Noble Eightfold Path

4 Types of Persons Similar to Trees


    - Right View

5 Abilities Leading to Awakening


    - Right Motivation

5 Abilities Producing Feeling


    - Right Speech

5 Impurities to Radiance


    - Right Action

6 Keys to Nibbana


    - Right Livelihood

7 Qualties of an Arhat


    - Right Effort

8 Precepts which brings Divinity


    - Right Awareness

10 Perfections (Paramis)


    - Right Concentration

100 Spears in 100 Years!


Not Deceiving

Anapanasati Sutta


Not Killing & Promoting Harmlessness



No Gossiping

Ashuba Meditation - what to do when tempted?


No Scolding

Assured Destination - Stream Entry


No Sexual Abuse

Calm and Insight In Tandem


No Splitting

Characteristics of the First Jhana


No Stealing

Contemplation of



- Feeling

   Pain ceases in the 1st Jh‚na!



Rare is Human Rebirth!




- Rebirth as Human Being!


- Divine Rebirth!

Cure for Cruelty and Revengefulness


- Animal Rebirth!

Cure for Envy and Jealousy


- The Hells are Real!

Cutting the Chain


- The Minor Hells are also Real!

Divine Hearing


- Mad Demon Rebirth!

End of Sadness & Depression


Saved is the Noble!



Sequential & Consequential Facts

Faith is the Entrance


Suprahuman Force is gained by Establishing Awareness!

Few are Fine!


The Blind Turtle! Precious & rare is this human chance!

Feverish Urge


The Inflexible Law of Nature: Action & Reaction!

Free from Fear


The Initiating Sun!

Food Disgust


Unsurpassable Radiance!

Forming Intention is thus the real Abyss!


What is True Wisdom?

Good Friendship


Gone Beyond Fear!


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