Blinking Conscious Being!


Any conscious moment also dies immediately!

Life, personality, pleasure, pain, endures joined in one conscious moment, that flicks by...
Whether such ceased clusters of clinging are those of a dead or alive does not matter, they are all alike, momentarily gone never to return...
No world is born and appears as manifest, if consciousness is not produced!
Only when consciousness is present, does the world emerge!
When consciousness momentarily dissolves, the world is dead and vanished!
So both the being & the world starts and ends within each conscious moment!
Both are reborn millions of times per second! Not only at conventional death ...
This is how death also should be recollected, as the shortness of the moment.
This is the highest sense this concept of conscious existence ever will allow ...
(Source: Vism I 238, Nd I 42)

Both 'Being' & 'World' occurs only as discrete conscious moments!

Being or rather becoming proceeds as a discrete Blinking:

No being is Static: In the blinking tunnel flows the process of re-becoming!


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All Being is Blinking!


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