One can Escape
the Suffering of Samsara!

One can Escape the Suffering of Samsara!


The Blessed Buddha  once said:
Inconceivable is the beginning of this Samsara; not to be discovered is
any first beginning of beings, who, blinded by ignorance and ensnared
by craving, are hurrying and hastening through this round of rebirths...
Source: (edited excerpt) SN 3:35



Some Comments:
Samsara is the crushing wheel of existence, which literally is meaning
'perpetual wandering': A sea of life & death ever restlessly heaving up
& down, the symbol of this never-ending process of ever again & again
being born, growing old, becoming weak & sick, suffering, and dying...
More precisely put: Samsara is the unbroken sequence of re-arisings of
combinations of the momentary events of the 5-fold cluster of clinging,
which constantly changing from moment to moment, follow continually
one upon the other, through inconceivable periods of time. A single life
constitutes only a tiny microscopic fraction of these trillions of eons...
In order to comprehend the 1st noble truth, one must therefore gaze
long and contemplate upon this Samsara, upon this frightful sequence
of ever rebirth mostly in lower painful forms, and not merely upon one
single lifetime, which may sometimes not seem very painful until aged...
The term Suffering: Dukkha in the first noble truth therefore refers
not only to painful bodily & mental feelings, caused now by displeasing
contacts & feelings, but it comprises in addition every thing creating
suffering, or which is liable to produce it later... The truth of Suffering
teaches that, owing to the universal law of impermanence, even high and
sublime states of happiness are subject to change and destruction, and
that all states of existence therefore ultimately are unsatisfactory...
Without exception they all carry in themselves the seeds of suffering!
'Du' means bad. 'Kha' means state. Dukkha thus means 'Bad State'...
Samsara is a Bad State of Suffering. Nibbāna is a Good State of Peace! 

Video illustrating life among humans, in heaven and in hell:


All in this World, whatsoever, is Suffering: This is the 1st Noble Truth:


For details on this Round of Rebirths: Samsara  = Time-ocean of Suffering:
Samsara, Samsara, Samsaric_Dread, Endless_is_Rebirth, Endless_Round



Source (edited excerpt):
The Word of the Buddha: Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahāthera.

    Samsara is an endless Time-Ocean of Suffering!



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