Four Fine Formless Fruits


The Blessed Buddha once pointed out some fine future fruits:
I: The release of mind by universal friendliness developed, linked with
the 7 links to Enlightenment, has the beautiful liberation as culmination!

II: The release of mind by compassionate pity developed, all joined with
the 7 links to Enlightenment, has the infinitude of space, as culmination!
This is the 1st formless absorption.

III: The release of mind by altruistic & mutual joy developed, all linked
with the 7 links to Enlightenment, has the infinitude of consciousness,
as ultimate culmination... This is the 2nd formless absorption.

IV: The release of mind by imperturbable equanimity developed, combined
with the 7 links to Enlightenment, has the sphere of nothingness, as the
absolute culmination... This is the 3rd formless absorption.

So do these 4 divine & infinite states of friendliness, pity, mutual joy and
equanimity, when cultivated together with the 7 links to Enlightenment:
Awareness, Investigation, Energy, Joy, Tranquillity, Concentration and
Equanimity, lead to entry and absorption into these 4 sublime formless
mental dimensions of supra-mundane consciousness...

Final Entry after much meditation...

More on the infinitely divine states (Brahma-Vihāras):

From Delight in Diversity to Unification in Oneness...

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book V 115-21
Section 46: On The Enlightenment Factors. Linked with Friendliness: 54.


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Four Fine Formless Fruits!

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