Luminous is the Mind released by Friendliness!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Whatever meritorious action one performs, all these together are not worth 1/16th part of a mind
released into friendliness, since the mind released into friendliness blazes forth, and outshines all
with an unsurpassable brilliance...

Just as the radiance from all the stars and planets does not match even a 1/16th part of the radiance
from the moon, which thus outshines all the stars, similarly; whatever good thoughts one fulfils by
doing good meritorious actions, all these together are not worth one-sixteenth fraction of the mind
released by infinite friendliness! Since a mind released into friendliness, itself all alone, blazes forth,
and thus outshines all these with an incomparable radiance...

Just as the mighty sun rising at autumn dawn, by making any fog evaporate, scattering any dark
thundercloud, makes the sky all blue and clear, so it alone freely shines, blazes in a blue brilliance,
- even exactly so - whatever thoughts there may be for gaining merit, all these together are not
worth one 16th fraction of a mind released into friendliness! Since the mind released into friendliness
- singularly - outshines all these with an inestimable luminosity!

So did the Lord Buddha state this matter, and he further added:
For the Noble friend, who intentionally, deliberately, and fully aware brings infinite, boundless and
endless friendliness into being, this mountain-like limitless goodwill makes all evil substrate evaporate,
and the chains of mind, these mental fetters become thin, slender and slack. If a such a Noble friend
without ill will cares for even one single living being, such friend, through that, becomes quite skilled
and clever, so far more for the Noble Friend, who by possessing a caring heart for all sentient beings,
without even a single exception, accumulates great, massive, immense, and infinite amounts of merit!

Those gurus and priests who sacrifice life, objects, or fire, who bathe ceremoniously, devoted to mere
forms and empty ritual, blindly attached to and obsessed by culture and traditions of primitive and
often unknown origin, do never experience even a 16th of this release of mind by friendliness fully
brought into being, just like the vagueness of even all the stars cannot ever outshine the moon!

Since there cannot exist any evil animosity whatsoever, nor enmity at all, neither even an atomic
trace of hate in a Nobly Released One, who by caring indiscriminately and infinitely for all living
beings, who by possessing such treasure of a mind relinquished by friendliness, simply cannot
ever suppress, dominate, harm, or kill even the smallest sentient breathing being!
Luminous is such perfectly released mind!

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Have a nice & noble day!

Friendship is the Greatest!
Bhikkhu Samāhita _/\_ ]

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Friendship is the GREATEST!
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