How does the Stream-Enterer approach Nibbâna?

Once in Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:
Bhikkhus, a Noble Disciple who possesses four things is a Stream-Enterer! no longer bound to
the lower worlds, fixed in destiny, with Enlightenment as his assured destination.
Well established on these 4 factors of Stream-Entry one should develop further the 6 things,
that contribute to true knowledge:
1: One should dwell observing the impermanence of all phenomena.
2: One should dwell experiencing the suffering in all, that is impermanent.
3: One should dwell experiencing the impersonality of all, that is suffering.
4: One should dwell experiencing the gradual withdrawal by relinquishment.
5: One should dwell experiencing the fading away of desire by disillusion..
6: One should dwell experiencing the peaceful ceasing of all craving...
It is in exactly this way, that you should train yourself..

Notes: The Stream Winner!
A Stream-Enterer (Sotāpanna)  has a maximum of 7 lives left before his Enlightenment.
He or she cannot be reborn in hell, as ghost, as animal, or as angry demon, and is thus safe
from samsaric downfall.. Further details see:

More on gaining a surely safe future: Stream-Entry:

Source (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:345] section 55:
Thread 3: Dighāvu...

The 6 Keys..

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