The 7 Links to Awakening!


Sariputta explains the 7 Links to Awakening!

Venerable Sāriputta once said: Friends!
Friend; the Bhikkhus replied. Venerable Sāriputta then explained this:
Friends, there are these Seven Links to Awakening. What seven?

1: The Awareness Link to Awakening: sati-sambojjhanga.
2: The Investigation Link to Awakening: dhammavicaya-sambojjhanga.
3: The Energy Link to Awakening: viriya-sambojjhanga.
4: The Joy Link to Awakening: pīti-sambojjhanga.
5: The Tranquillity Link to Awakening: passaddhi-sambojjhanga.
6: The Concentration Link to Awakening: samādhi-sambojjhanga.
7: The Equanimity Link to Awakening: upekkhā-sambojjhanga.

These are the Seven Links to Awakening!
In whichever of these 7 Links to Awakening, I wish to dwell in the morning,
in that I abide in the morning; in whichever I wish to dwell at noon, in that
I abide at noon; in whichever I wish to dwell in the evening, in that I abide
in the evening... Suppose a king or a minister had a cupboard full of clothes
of many various colours, then whichever pair of clothes he wished to put on
in the morning, that he would put on in the morning; whichever clothes he
wished to put on at noon, that he would put on at noon; & whichever clothes
he wished to put on in the evening, that he would put on in the evening: so too,
in whichever of these 7 Links to Awakening, I wish to abide in for whatever
period, in that indeed I easily abide dwelling fully absorbed by that aspect...
If it occurs to me that now there is The Awareness Link to Awakening present
in me, then it occurs to me that it is measureless, & it occurs to me that it is
well established; and while it is remaining I know that it remains; and if it falls
away in me, then I know instantly that it faded away caused by this or that
specific condition or definable circumstance! So too with the other six links
to awakening. I notice and know both their presence, ceasing and absence!

Venerable Sāriputta Thera

On the 7 Links to Awakening (Sambojjhanga):


Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 70-1] section 46: The Links.4: The Clothes...

Venerable Sāriputta Thera and Venerable Mahā Moggallāna Thera

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The Clothes...

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