The Noble Fruit !


Attaining 1 of the 4 Noble Fruits is Sublime!

Insight culminates in the moment of attaining the recluses sublime fruit:
A state tranquillizing all distress, its beauty from the Deathless draws...
Its calm from lack of fuzzy worldliness. Truly a sweet and clarified bliss!
It is a fountainhead, whose honey-sweet ambrosia emulates the deathless.
Any being refining understanding, will experience this pure peerless bliss,
which is the taste the Noble fruit produces, right here in this very life!
The flavour of the Noble fruit is Happiness, a blessing of fulfilled insight!
Visuddhimagga 702

There are 4 types of increasingly Noble individuals (Ariya-Puggala):
1: The Stream-winner (Sotāpanna),
2: The Once-Returner (Sakadāgāmi),
3: The Non-Returner (Anāgāmī),
4: The Awakened Holy One (Arahat).

More on mental Fruition (Phala): Rewarding_Fruitions, The 7 Fruits!


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The Noble Fruit!

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