What Feeds the Hindrances?


What Feeds the Five Hindrances?

At Savatthi the Blessed Buddha once explained:
Just as this body, is sustained by food, is dependent on food, and cannot
continue without food, even so, friends, are the five mental hindrances
indeed also sustained by a kind of food, they are also dependent on food,
and cannot continue without ever renewed feeding!

And what, friends, is feeding for the arising and growth of sense-desire?
It is frequent and careless attention to the alluring & attractive features!
This food makes sensual lust arise and feeds also growth of habitual greed…

And what, friends, is feeding for the arising and aggravation of ill-will?
It is frequent & careless attention to the displeasing & repulsive features!
This food makes aversion arise and boosts also any habitual anger…

And what feeds the emergence & deterioration of lethargy-&-laziness?
It is frequent & careless attention to drowsiness, & too much eaten dullness!
This is food makes sloth arise and feeds also worsening of habitual laziness…

And what feeds the arising and escalation of restlessness-&-regret?
It is frequent & careless attention to the excited, agitated & stressed mind!
This food upsets & stirs the mind & intensifies also habitual anxiety & worry…

And what feeds the arising, deepening & expansion of doubt-&-uncertainty?
It is frequent & careless attention to doubtful theories & speculative views!
This food bewilders the mind & feeds also escalation of habitual confusion...

Just as this body is supported by food, is dependent on food, and cannot
go on without food, exactly so, friends, are these 5 Mental Hindrances
supported by feeding, dependent on feeding, and cannot persist without
this continual mental feeding by wrongly directed attention…

More on  these 5 Mental Hindrances (Nīvaranas):

Though not visible these 5 Hindrances effectively Obstruct beings!

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:64-5] section 46: The Links. 2: The Body...

What Feeds the Hindrances?

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