Without Possessions!


Clinging to Possessions always entails Misery!

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The Buddha encouraged relinquishing possessions thereby ending suffering:

Those who are greedy and needy for cherished things cannot ever end grief,
sorrow, and miserliness. Seeking security the recluse therefore relinquishes
all possessions and wanders forth into homelessness. Dwelling withdrawn and
remote, secluded in senses, he finds it agreeable not to show himself anywhere!
Not dependent upon anything, the sage finds nothing pleasant or unpleasant.
Neither possessiveness, nor lamentation, nor what is seen or heard or thought
clings to his mind, just as water cannot ever cling to a lotus-leaf...
Sutta-Nipāta 809-812 Edited excerpt.

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More on Clinging (Upādanā) which is an intensified quite painful form of craving:
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Without Possessions!

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